The sheep is wolves clothing is trying to fool us, this blog is a call to all dem’s to stay the course. After hearing Senator Clinton’s speech, it is clear she was pressured into it. Senator Obama, not has begun to try to bring us together. This is not the case, we have been told that women, working class and the base of the party was not needed. Now He wants to play nice?

The truth is, our voices did not matter to Obama, and they still don’t.

“No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her” -Susan B Anthony, 1872

Please keep this in mind this week. The DNC has done just that and appointed a candidate, do not be fooled. I am asking all supporters of Senator Clinton, to stay home or vote for McCain. I understand this does not promote unity as Hillary asked. But the look on Hillarys face told it all. She said things she did not believe in, that much is clear.

For those who want to do as Hillary asked, PLEASE do some research on Obama before you vote. Do not blindly follow this man, to do so would be a injustice to this country.