Today, it is with great sadness that I can say what Hillary was not able to. Pressure from the DNC and the Obama camp, surely lead to her words. These are the facts she was not allowed to say…….

The dnc has appointed a nominee, it was not a vote by all the people. As, a women the clear sexism, and race baiting by the DNC and the Obama campaign made it impossible for Hillary to continue. She was forced aside by the party we all have loved for so many years. This is believe will be a mistake, as when the 527’s and the RNC get done with Obama they will lose.

The words spoken by Senator Clinton, were not from the heart. This I believe, shows clearly for anyone to see. As women, we all know what is like to be “made to do something”, this is clearly what has happened.

Hillary could and did not say Obama, was the best choice. He is not what is best for America. Any research by informed voters, it becomes apparent that the change he speaks of, could only be a disaster….

His clear inexperience, racism and sexism make him a problem for the party itself. The working people, the women and the Hispanics have nothing to gain by a Obama candidacy. His heath care plan, will not include those who need it the most. Needless to say, his 20 year relationship with Islamic and Domestic terrorist clearly cannot help America. They are many skeletons in Obama’s closet, and they will surface before November.

Hillary cares about this country, Obama cares about Africa, and the rest of the world, but not us. Anyone who does not believe that, needs to dig a little deeper into his past and present.

Hillary couldn’t say don’t vote for Obama, however it was clear she did not believe the words she spoke. The expression on her face said it all, for anyone willing to watch. This is affirmative action at it’s worst. This candidate was hand picked, before the election even began, Howard Dean and the DNC made sure to be rid of the Clinton’s.

What Hillary could not say, was “I was backed into a corner, and pressured into this”. Consider yourself in her place, what else could see do?