I would like to begin by saying there are many “groups” on the web today.  I am not sure how many, probably thousands, or more.  When I first joined some, I honestly didn’t think twice about joining.  It seemed a a good way to connect with like minded people.  I like most of us, picked groups that I had something in common with.  For the first few months, most of my posting went well.  But somewhere, things began to blur together.  Like a old black and white movie, shown way to many times….

It seems though, there are lots of really hateful things that go on inside these web groups.  For the most part I have found that about 50% of the groups, are really a cover for something else.  The members each have their own agenda, and hope to get all the sheep to follow.   The problems seem to surface, when and if you make a stand against the members.  It is not acceptable, in alot of theses groups, to disagree.   If and when you do, the attacks begin….

I discovered this the hard, way.  I belong to several political groups.  All, or so I thought Anti-Obama groups.   Through the long months of the primary, I was there, posting and replying and going along quite nicely.  But, there came a time when educating others was not all that important to the group anymore.  Which to be perfectly honest, surprised me.

I began to see members posting and trying to come up with new and fresh ideas, struck down and stomped on like a small chicken.   Many members of the group, became very possive of it.  Controlling every message posted, and even editing what was posted.  I did notice that sometimes things I posted never saw the light of day.  Posted were edited, and even just rejected.   The main reason, they just didn’t like them, or didn’t want to take the time to approve them…

I am not talking about posts that were vulgar, or nasty in any way.  They were information, voter information to educate people.  This is what I mean by the some groups are a cover up for something else.  You see, this group had its own website and store.  They sold items, anti Obama items and still do.  So, if anyone wanted to post a new idea on anything that would take sales away from the store, then that was not allowed…

So, I have to ask, just what is the group really about?  Is it about telling the truth and educate voters?  Or is the agenda of the group, to sell more T’shirts and Bumper Stickers than anyone else…..

You see, a member posted that they were going to try to raise money for a TV Commerical, and he was stomped on for days!  Over and over the mean and hateful remarks flew, and finally I made a statement, “This is not A Compatition!”. That was not a good thing to say, because to these group members it is!  You see, no matter how good the idea or cause, it didn’t matter.  Because, if you helped him, you were a traitor.  All your money and energy should go only to the group owner, who also owned the website….

There is no working together, there is no comprimise.  It is all controled, beware of these groups.  The will attempt to suck the life blood from you.  They are hostile toward anyone, who does not donate money to them and them only!  To these groups it is the ultamine betrayal to give to anyone but them!

Our Native American group is not like that, we do not ask for money and will not accept it.  It is our goal to educate all Native Americans, and anyone else who is willing to listen.   We only want what is best for all the nations, that is all, nothing more. We do not sell anything… Please feel free to join us, its free!