I have been asked many times, Why? The reasons are many, most importantly, trust. Why should any American trust Obama? All Americans, not just Native Americans need to ask themselves, Why?

Why should anyone simply trust someone with the most important job in this country, with such as flimsy resume. Just a little reading, will educate all of us. We must all ask ourselves, what good will this do our community?

To me the answer is clear, sometimes change is not good.

I have also been asked, what would McCain do for Native Americans, to this I say:

McCain sat on the Senate Committee for Indian affairs, he is a veteran, and we have many. Our needs as Native Americans are not that different from others. Heath Care, Education and Poverty are the most basic needs.

John McCain, would help our veterans, and also stand with us, not above or in front of us. He has made several stands that lead me to believe that he would help us, as a people.

What do we know about Obama? We know he changes his mind, when it is nessary (palatially). So the question we all have to ask is will he stand with us, or say “These are not the people I knew”.

This is about trust, and I have no trust in Obama…… Join us……