This is the first time in a long time that this blog has strayed away from our core message.  However, today I felt I must.  The video above is a movie trailer, made by untied citizens.  Native Americans Against Obama, had nothing to do with it.  But, I must say that it is my hope, that this film will sweep the nation, like a strong wind.

I have been speaking out against Obama for a long time now.  I have written about everything this film covers.  However, when it comes to Obama supporters, it falls to deaf ears.

Many have blindly followed him, without ever looking back.  Its almost as if they believe they will turn to a pillar of salt, like Lot’s wife in the Old Testament. 

At this blog we have always tried to expose the truth on the candidates.  I have pointed out the lies, cover ups, and scandals that involve Obama.  For months, I have watched and so have many of you, the clear favoritism of mainstream media.  Yesterday, it was pointed out, that the American Flag on the back of Obama’s Airplane has been painted over.  It was replaced by his “Yes we can Change Logo”.  

The mainstream media did not report this.  So, we must ask ourselves, what has happened to this nation?  The truth is sad, as A Native American we lost everything as a people.  All for what?  So, the united states could be what it is today?  If that perception is true, this is truly a sad day for America.

This film is to be released in September.  It is my hope that it will reach as many as possible, and not fall on deaf ears.  Like the storms of the dustbowl swept the great plains, I pray the truth will sweep America, reaching every corner of all the reservations, and every corner of Appalachia.  ‘

This film covers all the reasons any American, should know before they vote.  This is a broader view of the man, and shows just why Obama cannot be trusted. To many times Native Americans, and Americans in general have trusted a leader only to be fooled.  Do not let history repeat itself, “think before you vote”.