There are words to express all the wrongs that have been done to Native Americans, over the long and sad history, of our people.   However, it is not my belief that money will take the place of what we have lost.   We have done as much as we can to move on, and build new and dfferent lives.  Todays world is not the same as my grandmothers, or her grandmothers.  The world today revolves around montary rewards.  We get paid for everything, our work, our homes and even our stories.  But, what is important to me, is the preservation of our cultures, langauges, and histories.  We must learn from the past, let it teach us to be better fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.  That does not mean I believe we should let others take advantage of us.

It would be a dishonor for our past ancestors to take money for thier suffering.  We must honor thier memory, by learning from the past.  Obama stated that he would support Native Americans, and African Americans should be paid for the wrongs done to them.  I cannot speak for African Americans, but this indian wants no part of it.  It is no more todays white americans fault what his ancestor did, than it is mine what any raiding party did.  The idea that we be paid money, piggy backed by the American Taxpayer is to terrible to imagine.

It would cost billions, and divide this country to the very core.   We must as a people move on, learning each day from the ancestors.  All the while doing our best, to prevent any future divisions.  This idea would only promote Hate, just like Rev. Wright spews from his pulpit.  The best thing Obama could do for us, is to sponcer our bills, show up to vote, and make a stand on Native Issues, instead of just “speaking words”.

I cannot speak for the decendants of slaves, but I can speak as a decendant of surviors of the “Trail Of Tears”.  And no amount of money will repay my family for that.  I want none and expect none.  If we are to beleive anything Obama says, I hope this is one promise does not fullfill.  


Native Americans Against Obama