The Case against Obama appears to be growing with each passing day.  We all know there were some problems with his FAKE birth certificate that was posted on the web recently.  However, I have to admit that at first I was not all that convinced that anything would come of it.  But today in the Rocky Mountain News, it verified that Obama is and has been a citizen of Kenya and the United States since 1963. 


I have to say at first glance most of us; do not see that it is a problem.  But, it is, and the reasons are simpler than just the place of his birth.  There are two possibilities, one is that he was born in Kenya and became a citizen of the United States later.  This is not a real good thing if, he was born in 1961, and became a citizen of Untied States in 1963. 


The obvious reason, if the date is correct of his birth, then he would not have been a Natural Born Citizen, thus making him ineligible for President.  The other scenario is that he was born in Hawaii, and became a citizen of Kenya in 1963. However there are also problems with that.  See Kenya immigration law below.





(1) Subject to subsection (2), a person of full age and capacity, on making application to the minister in prescribed manner, may be registered as a citizen of Kenya if he has satisfies the Minister–

(a) that he is of African descent;

(b) that either–

 (i)  he was born and one of his parents was born, in a country to which this section applies; or

 (ii) he has been a resident for a period of not less than ten years in a country to which this section applies and he is not of an independent state on the continent of Africa ;

(c) that he is ordinarily resident in Kenya and has been so resident for a period of five years;

(d) that he has an adequate knowledge of the Swahili or the English language or such as the Minister may prescribe;

(e) that he is good character; and

(f) that he would be a suitable citizen of Kenya.


(2) A person shall not be registered as a citizen of Kenya under this section unless and until he has made a declaration in writing in the prescribed form of his willingness to renounce any other nationality or citizenship he may posses and to take an oath of allegiance in the form specified in the First schedule.


(3) The Minister may , by order in the Gazette, made with the prior approval signified by resolution of the National Assembly, declare any countries to be countries  to which this section applies.






(1) The Minister may cause the minor child of any citizen of Kenya upon application made in the prescribed manner by a parent or guardian of the child.

(2) The Minister may, in such a special circumstances as he thinks fit, for any minor to be registered as a citizen of Kenya.


As you can see from the above law, Obama parents would have had to renounce his U.S. citizenship if he was to be a citizen of Kenya.  This also makes him ineligible to be president.   So, duel citizenship posts a real problem for Obama.  I am almost sure the DNC knew this, and have done their very best to cover it up.   This explains the appointment, and almost messianic perception they have all tried to show the public. This also explains the problem with the birth certificate, if he was born in Hawaii, then gave up his citizenship; he is not eligible to be president.  Or if he was born in Kenya, he is not eligable because he was not born in the U.S.


It clearly is a no win situation, so that is why no real birth certificate has surfaced.  Honestly it does not matter; the mere fact alone, of the duel citizenship creates a problem.  I ask all of you to research this your self; contact all media outlets and your lawmakers in your district.   This entire campaign has been a way to pull the wool over all of our eyes.  It’s no different than trading 10 beads for the black hills!  We must not let the Obama machine take advantage of all tribes and nations.  This is about all of us, all 500 tribes, and all Americans…….




Native Americans against Obama