For months now, we all have been wondering what happened to our party.  The anwser is hiden, lurking in the shawdows.  Like the ghosts of our ancestors sweeping throught the night.  I have to first say I am a third generation Democrat.  Both my father and grandfather were Democrats.  My grandmothers could not vote, as they were Cherokee and not allowed to vote.

The sad truth is that what has happened to our party was a calcuated way to mask the truth. This reminds me of the Native & African american dancers who wore the masks to dance.  Only this is much more sinister and much more deceptive.    This cuts to the very core of the Democratic party itself. Let us begin our journey with Rev. Wright.  I am sure you are thinking, thats old news and has nothing to do with what is happening today.  But the truth is, is has more to do with today than we all know.

Howard Dean appionted Leah Daughtry to be the Chief of Staff & gave her the job of planning the Democratic Convention,  So who is this lady?  A quick google search tells alot.  She is a minsiter of a small church in New York, a church baised on the very same beliefs as Rev. Wright, that is the black theology. 

The woman commissioned by the Democratic Party to direct its presidential nominating convention in two weeks espouses the same black liberation theology pursued by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose church presumptive nominee Barack Obama was forced to leave because of its controversies.

Those included Wright’s condemnation of America and a vicious attack on Hillary Clinton from the pulpit, and WND reported when, finally, the Obama campaign announced the candidate resigned his 20-year membership in the church.

Now a profile in the New York Times reveals Rev. Leah Daughtry, a Pentecostal minister who leads a congregation of 20 in Washington, embraces “black liberation theology” beliefs such as the “debt” the U.S. “owes” all blacks for slavery.

The Times describes the congregation in which Daughtry was raised the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., where generations of family members, including her father Herbert Daughtry, have preached for decades: “Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, ‘They Owe Us.’ Fliers recounted Herbert Daughtry’s arrest, a few weeks earlier, as he led marchers protesting the not-guilty verdict in the police killing of Sean Bell, an unarmed black man. His ministry has always combined consuming spirituality with black liberation theology – the theology Jeremiah Wright invoked this spring to defend his controversial sermons – and zealous political activism. Leah holds these forces within her.”

So it is clear, the person pulling the strings hides behind a mask, one that is clearly meant to pull the woll over our eyes, in such a way that we do not know until its to late.  The division in the part did not come about beacuse of PUMA, it came from within the party itself.  We must remember that Dean appionted her, so therefore this is a division within the core of the party.  We have been accused many times of being Republicans, when the truth is, that Ms. Daughtry holds beliefs that are more closely alined with Republicans than PUMA does.

I am ashamed to admit that this woman, is a pentacostal,  I was rasied in this religion, without the hate.  No hate or racism exsited within my church.  But I do understand the train of thought, and the values.  This religion is anti-gay, anti-abortion and holds more in common with George Bush than they do any liberal.  There is nothing libral about this belief system.  This mask they are hiding is that they, not us PUMA’s are more in line with the far religous right.  These are the people controlling the party, and it explains why the DNC appionted Obama.  The party we once knew is gone, exsisiting only in our memories. 

The best way to fight this kind of infilltraion is to vote, get rid of every member who has anything to do with the DNC or the party itself.  From the bottom up, if we are to save the party of FDR.  They are Democrats in name only, hiding and accusing us of the very thing they themselves are doing.  The Democratic party has become the Black Theology Party. This explains the removal of Hillary and Obama being selected, she did not fit well with these beliefs.  It has been done under our own noses, as we were not paying attention…..