I would ike to begin by saying a am and always have been a democrat.  I also have always been what I would consider a pro-choice liberal.  But This vote and this canidate are so far left, even I cannot aprove of Obama.  The Born Alvie Protection Act that Obama voted for, is nothing short of legal murder.  The very idea of not providing medial attention to aborted babies, is beyond cruel. 

I must admit before reasearching for this video, I knew very little about this subject. But the truth are shocking, about 10 to 20% of late term abortions in one hospital alone, are born alive.  Thankfull, one of the few things George Bush did right, was to sign a bill to protect these babies into law.  I cannot say the same thing about Obama.

Obama opposed this bill in the Ill. state senate, and agrured 2 times on the senate floor, to not pass this bill which would provide medial care for babies born alive.  His agurement was that it would harm the Roe vs Wade case.  There can be nothing further from the truth, this bill was not about abortion in and of itself.  It was about providing medical care, if a baby survived a abortion.

Obama went on to say after all this was over, and Bush signed this into law, that he would have voted for the bill, had it read like the same bill Bush signed.   This is another mistatement and non-truth, because the last bill Obama voted on was exactly the same, as the one Bush signed.  This was a lie, to pander to the pro-life people.  Here is a link to the audio of him speaking in regard to this bill…

What eveyone needs to know is that, the truth is Obama voted to allow these babies to die, in a way not fit for a animal, let alone a human being.  So, what do you really think he will do for you?