I cannot begin to tell you what a agonizing decision, this was for me personally.  I am sure not everyone will agree with me, but would like to give a explaination of this stand. This group and blog have always been about making sure the truth is told about Obama.  Thus, keeping him as far away from Pennsylvania ave as possible.   I think tonights speach at the convention, by Hillary, is the last horrah for our beloved party.  I see this as a by gone era, one that will only exist in our memories.  Many of the members are not democrats, they are independent or not affiliated.  But I have always stated I am a third generation democrat.  To this very day I am still registered as a democrat. 

This video was my goodbye to all those great leaders who have come before.  Today, is a sad day for me, and many others.  But we have all worked hard, for one goal, no obama.  Now, in order to achieve this goal, it must be done without Hillary.  So, we now have a choice, McCain or a third party.  I am sure many will choose the third party.  I honesty like the third party candidates, but know that in a race that is tied, dead even, that the only way to keep Obama out is t fight back with someone who can win. 

Third parties in the U.S. never do really well, just due to not having the means that the major two parties have.  I respect John McCain, and I trust him.  I cannot say the same for Obama.  I may not agree with everything he says or does, but he is the better of the choice between Obama and McCain.  Those are my personal thoughts, and may not be the same as my readers.  I understand that, and know that they must do what they think is best.  But I want everyone to know, that this is about all tribes, nations and all americans. Country frist, party second……..