To all friends of Native Americans Against Obama:

In light of yesterdays developments in Denver, we believe that it is time to take a stand. After counseling with many of our members, we have come to the conclusion, we will be supporting John McCain in the general election.

We have always, worked very hard to ensure that Obama is not elected. That has not changed, nor will it change in the future. Some of our members will be supporting third party candidates, however it is our decision that this would only harm the already tight race. Therefore, as a group we will be supporting McCain. If some do not agree, that is ok. It is our belief that Obama must be defeated at any cost. The best way to beat him, is to join John McCain, and the Republicans.

Do not misunderstand this statement, we are still Democrats, independents and non- affiliated as a group. I consider all our members as warriors, and respect and honor them all.

The new short term goals of the group, are as follows:
1. To ensure that Obama is Not elected in November
2. To ensure John McCain is the next president
3. To ensure the removal of all (Do Nothing) members of Congress
4. To ensure we focus on Native American Issues, and support all tribes.

The new long term goals are as follows:
1. To ensure the DNC and all members who did not vote
the will of the people are removed from public office.
2. Election reform, for all states
3. To ensure we focus on Native American Issues, and support all tribes.

We feel it is better to focus on the short term goals until November, then will shift our focus..

This is due mainly to the short time available to achieve our goal. After
November will focus on Long term goals. This does not mean, that you have to be a McCain supporter to be a part of our group. All are still welcome, no matter who they support, as long as it is not Obama. However, we will be shifting our focus, due to the DNC. We are not saying we agree with everything McCain does or says, but we are saying, it is the belief of our group, he is the best choice.

Up until this time, we have not supported anyone, but now I feel it is time to make a stand….
Country Before Party.

Native Americans Against Obama