I know I have written on this topic before, but please everyone, indulge me.  A few days ago, one of my members talked about a film, a true story about the women’s suffrage movement.  I watched many clips form the film, but tonight I saw the film in its entirety.  I have to admit like most Americans of any race, I have taken for granted, like most of us, want came before me.  This really only pertains to the suffrage movement.  I have always been keen to Native American History, but when it came to women, I paid little attention to that part of this country’s history.

I like most everyone else, was aware of the sexism, in this country.   I was offended and appalled by the treatment of women in my time period.  But this film is a must see for every American.  It will bring the horror of the time into perspective.  Native Americans were treated badly, just as the blacks, Irish and every other ethnic group that ever stepped onto the shores of this country.

For those who have not seen this film, I would like to tell you a little about it.  There was a time in America’s history when women, had no rights.  When they were treated less than human, this film shows this perspective.  The women before 1920 were looked upon like children, they could own no property, no bank accounts, and had no rights to their own children. Once married, all assets went to their husbands.  They were the property of the men. 

The women in this film had the audacity to stand in front of the white house, and dared to hold signs that said, they deserved to be treated fairly.  They used the words, of Woodrow Wilson, a democrat, to prove their point.  For this dreadful crime of standing where they were not allowed to be, they were sentenced to 60 days in prison.  They were denied access to a attorney, and allowed no visits or correspondence with their families.

The democrats in Congress, and the president would not adhere to allowing these women the Right to vote.  They were seen as second class citizens, and the democrats wanted nothing to do with that.  Bottles were through at them, they were attacked and beaten, chained and taken to jail.  Once in jail, one was chained with her hands above her head, to the top rung of a jail cell. 

These women, refused to eat, they were feed food with maggots in them.  When they refused to eat, they were force feed many, many times.  It was only when a note was smuggled out, that was to be leaked to the press overseas, that Woodrow Wilson, endorsed the amendment to give women the same rights as other Americans.

So, it seems the Democrats have a long history of mistreatment, and out right sexism.  Andrew Jackson, who murdered many of our people was the first Democrat of the modern era.  Now, after this sort history lesson, I have to ask myself, why are their any Native or women democrats?

The conclusion I have come to is, we have been fooled, and did not look into the past to see the present.  So, this morning I woke up a 3rd generation democrat, and tonight I will go to bed a republican.  This is only in my heart, as I have not changed parties that quickly. 

I have been so hesitant to do such a thing, and could not bring myself to do it, because of my loyalty to the party, my father and grandfather.  But, this is a different world we live in, and A different time. 

This film changed my entire outlook on the fraud the democratic party is.  I knew about the present, but the past speaks volumes.  The women of the past, have taught me that the fight never ends, it goes on.  I will stand for Native rights and women’s rights.  To do so, I will be changing parties tomorrow morning.  Please anyone who has not seen this film, rent it, borrower it, see it.  It will change your outlook forever.  It is called iron jawed angels,by HBO.