It was a September morning none of us will ever forget.  The stillness of the air, almost made it all feel like a dream.  Millions of us, glued to the TV set, waiting..


Very few things have shook the country to its core, like September 11, 2001.  As A child, I am old enough to remember the assignation of John Kennedy.  My Parents remembered Pearl Harbor.  But my children will remember September 11, 2001.


I believe every generation has its trials, and this time we have been deal a bad hand.  Sept. 11, just like Dec. 7, 1941, changed America and the rest of the world forever.  Never again, will any of us gaze up and the sky, and not think, or remember. 


The part I will recall the most, is the utter stillness of the world around me.  Sky’s with no planes, streets with no cars.  As you can tell, I did not live in New York.  But in Ohio, and it was like the movie, the day the earth stood still.  Because, it literally did, little did I know that flight 93 flew right over my home.


The utter confusion and terror felt on Manhattan, that clear morning was terrible.  We all watched, and waited, praying that this was a bad dream. 


The bravery of all who volunteered and all who died, will never be forgotten.  The pictures will be forever scorched in all our minds.  The people jumping, others covered in gray dust, and the cloud rolling down the street.  Will always be with us, and our thanks go out to all those brave people……..