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Tonight I write out of anger, over the past two years I have warned about what was to come, well the future is here.   As Americans we know all to well that freedom is not free. 

I have always been opossed to Socialism,and know what it has done to the Native Tribes.  I also see that this is the path for the rest of the country.  H.R. 1388 is a bill that will do just that.  Obama and his fellow dems, are attempting to pass. This bill calls for all of us to work for the good of the country.  Sound familar?  It should, if  you know anything about socialism or communism.

Think you could be excluded?  Unless you are dead, theres not muh chance of that.  If you are retired, part of the baby boomers, or a Native tribe, you will work for Obama or pay the price.  Think you are to young?  Even the disabled and the veterans will have work to do for the new government.  Black, white, young old, every race will be included, this means all indian tribes, hispanics, from every state and territory.

 Or poor, or highley educated?  Wrong, all these groups will be told to work..

What will be the pay?  Nothing of course, the money will be given to the state, not you.  Read the bill yourself…This is the price we must all pay for the new United Socialist States of America!

Tell congress to vote no!!!!!


The second Revolution

I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about the “tea parties”. So, much has been said about these lately on FOX news, that I felt it was time.   I comend, Jackie she knows who she is, for all the time and work she put into this movement.  I like most of our sat and watched Glen Beck wipe away his tears, from the pride and sorrow he felt for this nation.  Like most of you, it was very moveing when he spoke about how we are not alone.

For me, and most Native Americans it is a bittersweat time, we lost our country, land and most of our heritage, to this country.  But, it is still ours, and we see it that way.  I comend the courage of all who take part in the “tea parties”.  For it takes a speical kind of person to stand for what they believe in. 

This is like a rebirth, for this nation, one that is overdue.   According to our beliefs, life is a circle, going round in a endless loop.  History repeats itself over and over.   This is like the second American Revolution, and we must all stand strong, and tall against all odds.  So today, I want to encourage all to stand for what we believe in, and do what must be done to acieve our goals.   This country was founded on principals, ones we cannot forget.  

Also, thanks to Jackie you know who you are…..

The End is Coming…

I would like to explain my long absence.  Not that there is any excuse for it, as there is not.  But, a explanation, is in order.  Since the election I have tried to continue as before.  This has been a long personal battle, as with most of you, I am tired. 

The shear reality, that we now live in a different time and place than we did one year ago, it utterly frightening.  For the past two years or so, I have been shouting warnings of what was to come.  The dire consequences, of the actions of this country were shouted from the mountain tops, by many.  I shouted with a loud voice, as a warning to all people and tribes.

I can’t help but feel, that these things fell on deaf ears.  Many turned a blind eye to our future.  Now, the future is here, for all to see.  I often thought I would enjoy saying, “I told you so.”   But, that has not happened, I am sadden and frightened by what is happening.

The future is even more frightening, more to myself and others who fought against Obama.  Because we knew the truth, we knew of what was to come.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and this is the case, now more than ever.   Those who blindly followed him, like a messiah are now beginning to see the light.  It is a slow process, and one I do not look forward to.

We all are and will pay the price for those blind and deaf people.   That in itself makes me sad.   For the suffering has only begun, and will continue for years to come.  This has been my state of mind for the past few months.  I find it difficult to believe that, two years ago we were all so optimistic. 

Reading the news, or watching videos only makes me sadder.  I see what others did not, that the unheard warnings are coming to pass.  America is becoming a socialist country, just as we all predicted.   Foreclosures, and unemployment are spreading like a uncontrollable disease.   The “savior” is only making things worse. 

The bills that are being passed, with earmarks such as studying the DNA of catfish, or how pigs smell is more important than the welfare of the people.   As I have said all along, you only need to  look at the past to see the future.   Many times I asked you as readers, to really look at the past of Obama, and see who he really is.  Many did not do that, and now we are all reaping what they have sewn.

The future is there for all to see, and I for one do not like what I see.  It is as if we are all banging our heads against a wall, hopeing for a different outcome.   Unforutantley, we cannot change the past, but hopefully we can change the future.   It is very disheartening to invision the FEMA camps, and the vast misery that we may have in the future.   

The world as we know it, is changing.  This is the change that was promised, the end of a country, and the begining of the end.  I have always been a student of history, and of prophecy.  I am seeing things in my lifetime that I never thought I would.  I know it is diffucult, but we must all be ready, because I fear the end is near. 

 The end of the world is what you are thinking I am sure, but thats not what I mean.  As I believe the world will never end, but the end of life as we all know it.  This change, to one that many of us ever imagined.  I am sure most of your remember reading the slow and agonizing death of the old south.  Now, we are wittnessing the slow and agonizing death of America. 

This is what has caused my absence, the fact that the future looks so bleak.  The worst part of it all, is it could have been prevented.