My Generation


I know this is normally a political blog, but today I will stray just a little.  The death of Michael Jackson is all over the news,  and I would like to share my thoughts.  I remember as a young child, sitting on my front porch looking out of the smoky Appalachian mountains and listening to WSM radio out of Chicago.  In those days am radio traveled a very long way, and only at night could you pick up the station.  I heard Micheal, before I was 11 years old, and had no idea the color of his skin. 

The first song I heard was ABC, unlike many of the younger fans, I loved the music before he was the king of pop.  Through the years, I was glad a man of color was so talented and famous.  He crossed races, and genders, before most other artist.  He was the Fred Astaire of my generation. 

During the years, and the endless court cases, I was never able to know if he was or was not guilty.  Not that it matters now, what matters is his music, talent and memories we all have of Micheal.  May the great spirit bless his soul.