Native Americans Against Obama- The Journey Part 3

                   One Big Reservation


A look into the future of the United States, is most apparent on many of our Reservations. To understand  what our future holds, we must first look to the past.  It is my belief that histroy repeats itself.    In 1830 President Andrew Jackson and Congress passed the Indian Removal Act.  In 1835, President Jackson stated that, “all preceding experiments, for the improvement of the Indians have failed”.

Thus, began the socialization of the American Indian.  We have become tribes and nations, totally dependant on the government.   I have to say, President Jacksons plan has failed. With unemployment reaching some 95% on some reservations, and poverty levels higher than the great depression, we are a people at the mercy of the governement.

The experiment began with the taking of our lands, cuture and way of life. It was then that we were expected to become “civilized”.  The government in return for our land, in most cases, gave us worthless remote land, food supplies and even clothing and housing.  Each year, the United States govenment allows us funds, as a repayment of stolen lives.

It is true as long as we live on reservations we pay no taxes. But, if we leave the reservation, as many have, we are no different than any other American.  When our children need new schools, health care or veterans benifits, we must ask congress for the funds.  This in itself shows how deepy socialism is engrained in our society.

The funds from Congress, are far short of substaining life as most Americans know it.  Jobs are almost non- exsitant as, many reservations in the western United States, are at least 200 miles from a larger town. Health care is the worst in the entire country.   There are many examples of children and the eldery being denied health care, due to lack of funds. I am sure many of you are thinking, why do we not leave?  The answer is not as simple as you think.  With the nearest town 200 miles away, and no job or car, its not all that easy.  We are trapped in a circle of poverty.

The treaties of the past, were signed to help the American Indian.  They were promises of health care for our children, and to help build a life more “suitable” for the rest of America. Treaties have been broken and are children are hungry, cold and in many cases have little hope.

Which leads me to the future of this nation.  It is clear the socialism of the American Indian has not worked.  The path that Obama and Congress are leading this nation, is a clear path to becoming
“One Big Reservation”.

They have taken over the banks, the cars and now want to take over health care.  They have attempted to cripple the oil, gas and coal industires.  Unemployment is at almost 10%, with the only job growth being in government jobs.  Now you childrens health could be in the hands of the same people who control our health care, and veterans.  One only needs to visit with a Native American or a veteran to see how this will turn out.

Many would say, we get free health care and benifits, my arguement is that it is not free, it is repayment of a debt by the U. S. Govenment that was promised to us in treaties many years ago.  They have not honored there part of the treatie.  So, the question is,  can the U.S. government be trusted?  I am sure the Lakota would say, “No”.   They recently succseaded from the union, due to broken treaties.

Socailism will destroy America the same way it has destroyed the American Indian.  If we are going to learn anything from the tribes and nations, it should be that the experiment has failed.

I implore all Americans to look at us to see thier future.  Do not be fooled into thinking the government will take care of health care, finances or overall well being.   This is the mistake we have already made.  To see the results, visit Pine Ridge South Dakota.

If the rest of the country does not act soon, and stop Obama and Congress, they will turn this country into “One Big Reservation”  The ony difference would be, you will be paying taxes, for this you will recieve, poverty,  poor health and hopelessness.