Native Americans Against Obama- Trevor’s Story

This is a post, I never dreamed I would have to write. I would first like to say that
The video, “Trevor’s Story” is so personal I could not even watch it after I finished it.
So I am sure there are some typos, and it is not as fancy as many of our videos.

It took me over a week, just to be able to do the video, it was so personal. But, I knew
This was also a story that should be told, so here I would like to explain things in a
better perspective. First, my grandchildren do not live on the rez, they live in everyday
America, just like almost all my readers.

I am not writing this for anyone’s pity, or to cause sorrow for any of you. However,
This is a story that must be told, as it will affect all Americans if the health care bill
is passed.

As with all stories, we should begin at the beginning. In late 2005 my son and his
Family moved to Florida. They wanted to start a new life, one where they could
get better jobs, and hopefully make things better for their three children. Almost
right away, both my son and daughter in law got jobs. But it soon became apparent
that with both of them working and paying for child care, there was no money left.

The new jobs gave them no health care, and things were not as good as they had
hoped. My daughter in laws job was only part time, and within a few months
she was getting no hours. To make matters worse, they did not even own a car.
With no money left each week after the bills were paid, they knew they could
not afford a car payment. So, out of desperation, my daughter in law, and the three
children took the bus, which was a three hour ride to the department of family

The good news was they did qualify for a Medicaid card, this would help pay
for all the medicals needs of a growing family, until they got back on their feet.
Or so they thought, and to be honest so did I. Now please remember, my family was
new to Florida. Just as the appointment was ending, my daughter in law’s new caseworker handed her a piece of paper. The caseworker told her, that this was her “new” doctor. Glancing down at the paper, she read one name next to the Family Doctor and one name next to a Pediatrician.

I can’t tell you how surprised she was, looking up at the caseworker my daughter in
law asked, “I don’t get to pick my own doctors?” The caseworker answered by
saying, “No, you can only go to ones we approve and that will accept Medicaid”.
She went on to explain, “these are the only two”. Now, this is in a city with a population of 330,000.00 people, so its not a small town.

I have to say, that socialism of the health care system is not only for people on the
Rez, but it is here within some states for the poor. This was our first clue as a family,
that the state government was controlling our heath care and choices. The saddest
part of this is, that we had no choice of who my grandson’s doctor was. Why?,
because they are poor, and had no health insurance.

So, I am in total agreement our health care is broken. But, state or federal health care
Is a disaster waiting to happen. The sad truth is the government holds the purse strings
and tells us who we have to have as our doctors. This is yet another example of how
things will be for all of us, rich or poor, if the health care bill passes.

Not that the doctor was a bad doctor, he was not with a few exceptions. It all began
With Trevor’s leg swelling, and the doctor then referred him another “approved” doctor. This doctor discovered a “mass” the size of a baseball in a 53 pound child.
This doctor then referred him to another “approved surgeon”. This all took almost 4 weeks before he had a biopsy. In the meantime, my grandson’s leg kept getting
bigger and bigger. It took another 6 weeks to get the results of the tests, and then
we were told only because my daughter in law kept pressuring the “approved surgeon”.

So, a total of 10 weeks our family was caught up in red tape, going to approved doctors.
If this is an indication of our new health care, we all may die before we get treatment.
The news was not delivered to my son and daughter in law, as you would think. They
did not get called into the office, to speak to the doctor. They were called on the phone and told that Trevor has Sarcoma Cancer. It was then that they were also informed, that
they will have to wait to get approval from the state, to get him into a hospital for terminally ill children.

How long it will take, no one seems to know. Or if they do, they are not saying. So for the time being, all we can do is wait on the state of Florida. I would like all of you
Who think socialized medicine is the right thing, to think of my 9 year grandson, Trevor.
It could happen to your son, or daughter, don’t think so? I didn’t think so either.