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I have to say that this was a very difficult video to make. I want to be clear that the main reason I made it was to rasie awarness, and show the pandering of Obama to the Native American Community. 

As to the problem of Poverty and unemployment on alot of our reservations, it is a undenable fact.  With 70% unemployment and no running water, the conditions are unexceptable.  Our Policticians have ignored this problem for to long.  The meare promise of “Change” does not make it so.  We need someone who will stand up for all peoples rights. 

I have to admit, that until recently I was not aware that they problem was so widespread.  I am a mixed blood, from the Eastern Cherokee Band.  However, I have lived my entire life in White America.  Both my parents were mixed race.  Both from a German immigrant fathers and Cherokee mothers.  However, my mothers family choose to live as whites, and “pass”.  My fathers was slightly different, they choose to live white, and simply ignore my grandmother and her “strange ways”, as the rest of the family called it.

Poverty was not something I knew, as A young child. This was due to my parents living within the white community, I had little contact with my Native Heritage.  My earlisest memeory of this, was when my father took me to the burial mounds in Southern Ohio.  I was about 5, and not really interested.  But that day my father told me things, that I still carry with me to this day. 

He showned me the mounds, and we looked for arrowheads.  The place was called Flint Ridge, and pieces of flint could be found lying all ove the ground.  My father held up a small piece of flint, and then he said, “never forget where you came from”. 

I have to say at the age of 5, I had no idea what he was talking about.   It was only when I got older I understood the meaning of his words. 

It was my fathers words, that lead me on a journey into History.  I have learned alot along the way, some good, some bad.  Through the Rolls, I learned who some of my family members were, most of them I have never met. But most of all, I have learned who I truly am.  

it is heartbreaking for me, to see Native Americans fooled again by a politician.   This has happened so many times, like a circle that never ends.  The problems on the Reservations, will not go away by a politician making promises. The issues are real and affect real people.  Until we have someone who will stand up for us, and do something, nothing will change.

It sadens my heart to think of the young people who are being so mislead by Obama.   The promise of “hope and change’ is very appealing, to those who are in such despeate need.  But hope and change are not the answer to our problems.  We need real solutions, to real problems. 

It is the goal of Native Americans Against Obama, to educate all who will listen.   I hope we can at least, inform voters of the truth.  I will not tell anyone who to vote for, but can only hope as a voter they will learn as much as possible and think before you vote.

Debi McLeod

Granddaughter of

Lillie Starr

Eastern Cherokee Tribe



This blog is meant to inform others about guns in American. This blog is meant to be informative, and not judgemental. Most people around the world do not understand how guns fit into American society. So this blog is meant to educate, and clear up rumours about violence in the United States.

Let me begin by saying this blog is meant for those who still think America is the Wild West. Let me be the first to inform the citizens of the world, that is simply not true. Guns in America have a long history, and by that I do not mean “Cowboys”. We are not “all” cowboys, I find that offensive.

Let start from the beginning, the right to have guns, is written in our Constitution. The constitution was written in 1776, durning a time of war with England. At that time it was necessary to carry and use guns, our homes were invaded by English soldiers. We needed to be able to defend ourselves. Our founding fathers thought that everyone should have the right to defend themselves. And I must say, I agree. You have to remember, this was a much different time that they lived in.

Honestly, Americans did not attack England, they simply said we do not want to be part of Britain anymore. In turn, England sailed across the Atlantic, and tried to force us to remain loyal to the king. They invaded our homes, and bottled up our harbors so nothing could get in or out. Needless to say, Americans thought they had the right to defend ourselves. And if you were in their shoes, you would to.

Lets jump ahead a few years, in 1812 the British tried again to get Americans to conform and stay “British”. This time is also failed. So in the first 36 years of our very young nation, twice we were invaded. That would make most people just a little afraid it could happen again. And they had every right to worry, because it did happen again and again.

Our American Civil War started in 1861 and ended in 1865. This was another war fought for freedom. Much like the ones we had fought before. Only this time the southern states did not want to be part of the United States any longer. Like we had done in 1776 against England, the southern states wanted to be a new country. They called themselves the “Confederate States of America”.

Needless to say the United States did not want to loose the south. There was many reasons for this, and they were mostly economical. So the North moved south and the war began. Northern soldiers invaded southern homes and took anything they wanted. So here again we needed to defend ourselves, and our homes. Don’t’ get me wrong, I am sure southern soldiers also invaded northern homes. Regardless, the need to defend ourselves was once again a priority for all Americans, north and south.

Anyone who knows about WWII knows about Pearl Harbor, and I do not think I need to go into that. We were again attacked, and some of our shores on the pacific attached. Did we have the right to defend ourselves? Of course we did, who would not do the same thing?

Then finally Sept. 11, 2001. That is a day I will never forget as long as I live. Do we have the right to defend ourselves, of course we do and we should. You see you can add things to our Constitution, but do not take them away…….

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that its ok, to shot each other in the streets. I am saying we should have the right to defend ourselves, if need be. The world perceives Americans as gun slinging cowboys who just shoot each other. And that is the furthest thing from the real truth. John Wayne does not ride down the streets with his 6 shooters……

The reality of it is, guns are legal here and there are many reasons why. But the violence here is widely televised, we also have freedom of the press. There are 330 million people in the U.S. , so the violence shown in our news is covering 330 million people. That’s alot of people, so on television it really looks alot worse than it is.

The majority of Americans do not even own guns, but some do. It’s there choice, and choice and freedom for our people is what our country has fought for since 1776. Many Americans died so we could have the freedoms we have, and to judge for that is unfair.

School shooting are the sadist of all, it is so unfortunate that these things happen. But they do not happen because we can legally have guns. They happen because parents are not responsible, and children get access to them. What is so different about that? There are irresponsible parents are all over the world. Remember, the little British girl “mattie”, her parents left her alone in a hotel and went to supper. They returned and she was gone, they were irresponsible parents.

So, Irresponsibility comes in many different forms and they all are not just about guns. Parents need to be more responcable for their children and their firearms. The guns should be locked up, out of reach of there children.

The United States has a long and rich history, based on freedom. And I do not think for one minute any of it should be taken away. However, violence in the schools cannot be tolerated. Our right to bear arms was meant to help Americans defend themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It was not meant for children to take to school and shoot their classmates.

Parents need to be held accountable for the actions of their children. This is exspecailly true when guns are involved. I am sure there are other ways children get guns, but for the most part its from a family member. They take them without anyone knowing, so isn’t it time the parents started paying more attention? I think so, I really do.

So, hopefully everyone has learned that Americans are not all “Cowboys”, I for one have never worn a cowboy hat. Also, We do not ride our horses down main street, (I can’t ride one ) and we do not just shoot each other for fun.

Most of the rumors around the world about America, is simply not true. We are no different from anyone else. We are not all rich, some work two or even three jobs to make ends meet. Others have guns and use them to hunt, as a sport. Others have guns for protection, just in case they need it. If you are thinking “why would they need protection?” I refer you back to our history, how many times have our homes and shores been invaded?

In a Nation with 330 million people, it is impossible to think that everyone will simply obey the law. So there are cases of violence, and it is inevitable in any society. Regardless, if we can buy guns or not. This blog was inspired by my husband. He is Canadian, and like most Canadians thought the reason we have violence is because Americans can buy guns. This is not the case, America has violence because of people, not guns……………..