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 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt



I cannot how happy and proud I am today.  John McCain has done the most extraordinary thing.   He did what the Democrats did not have the courage to do.  By naming Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential choice.  Here is a little background on Sarah:


Palin’s husband, Todd, is a Yup’ik Alaskan native.[4] Outside the fishing season, Todd works for BP at an oil field on Alaska’s North Slope[52] and is a champion snowmobiler, winning the 2000-mile “Iron Dog” race four times.[4] The two eloped shortly after Palin graduated from college; when they learned they needed witnesses for the civil ceremony, they recruited two residents from the old-age home down the street.[4] The Palin family lives in Wasilla, about 40 miles (64 km) north of Anchorage.[53]

On September 11, 2007, the Palins’ eighteen-year-old son Track, eldest of five, joined the Army.[53] He now serves in an infantry brigade and will be deployed to Iraq in September 2008. She also has three daughters: Bristol, 17; Willow, 13; and Piper, 7.[6] On April 18, 2008, Palin gave birth to her second son, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who has Down syndrome.[54] She returned to the office three days after giving birth.[10] Palin refused to let the results of prenatal genetic testing change her decision to have the baby. “I’m looking at him right now, and I see perfection,” Palin said. “Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?”[10]

Details of Palin’s personal life have contributed to her political image. She hunts, eats moose hamburger, ice fishes, rides snowmobiles, and owns a float plane.[12][55] Palin holds a lifetime membership with the National Rifle Association.

The question I have to ask, of the Obama camp, and the biased media is how long before the attacks start?  The clear sexism durning this election, was very apparent.   I am sure it will begin again, the question is how soon? 


I also wanted to thank John McCain, for showing women in this country we do not need to be thrown under the bus!  And giving us, the respect so deserved.



To all friends of Native Americans Against Obama:

In light of yesterdays developments in Denver, we believe that it is time to take a stand. After counseling with many of our members, we have come to the conclusion, we will be supporting John McCain in the general election.

We have always, worked very hard to ensure that Obama is not elected. That has not changed, nor will it change in the future. Some of our members will be supporting third party candidates, however it is our decision that this would only harm the already tight race. Therefore, as a group we will be supporting McCain. If some do not agree, that is ok. It is our belief that Obama must be defeated at any cost. The best way to beat him, is to join John McCain, and the Republicans.

Do not misunderstand this statement, we are still Democrats, independents and non- affiliated as a group. I consider all our members as warriors, and respect and honor them all.

The new short term goals of the group, are as follows:
1. To ensure that Obama is Not elected in November
2. To ensure John McCain is the next president
3. To ensure the removal of all (Do Nothing) members of Congress
4. To ensure we focus on Native American Issues, and support all tribes.

The new long term goals are as follows:
1. To ensure the DNC and all members who did not vote
the will of the people are removed from public office.
2. Election reform, for all states
3. To ensure we focus on Native American Issues, and support all tribes.

We feel it is better to focus on the short term goals until November, then will shift our focus..

This is due mainly to the short time available to achieve our goal. After
November will focus on Long term goals. This does not mean, that you have to be a McCain supporter to be a part of our group. All are still welcome, no matter who they support, as long as it is not Obama. However, we will be shifting our focus, due to the DNC. We are not saying we agree with everything McCain does or says, but we are saying, it is the belief of our group, he is the best choice.

Up until this time, we have not supported anyone, but now I feel it is time to make a stand….
Country Before Party.

Native Americans Against Obama



Today, is a historic day in our Nations history.  The first African American will be nominated for the highest office in our land.  I have to say, while watching Bill Clinton and Joe Biden speak last night, I was filled with great sadness.  There was a time in my life, where I dreamed of such a moment.  A time when the democratic party would nominate the first African American, Native American or other minority, to be the representation of our party.


But, never did I dream it would be such a poor choice.  I can’t help but think, every time I see Obama speak, of what might have been.  And what a shame it is, for some one to be so charismatic, but without substance. How great it would be to have been, to have  someone who inspires us, but has the leadship of  Roosevlet, Kennedy or the Clintons. Nothing would have made me happier than to see a qualified candidate.  Clearly, Hillary would have been the better person to lead this country.  However, that being said, is not what we are left with.


Mainstream media has not been able to look beyond the color of his skin, to the man himself.  This reminded me of something FDR said many years ago.


I am neither bitter nor cynical but I do wish there was less immaturity in political thinking.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


It isn’t sufficient just to want – you’ve got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


Here lays the great sadness of the Obama campaign.  Roosevelt’s words never rang more true, than now.  Had the DNC succeeded in not allowing FDR to be nominated, I cringe to think where we would be now, as a people. 


We cannot afford to enter into a dictatorship, and this is what I believe would happen if Obama becomes president.  His clear ties to socialism, are there for anyone to see, if they choose to look.  This is a chance we, as a people cannot afford to take. This “hope and change” message caters to all those who are lost:  


True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


For the past 8 years, many have suffered.  Gas prices are at record highs, food prices have soared, and we in a war, most of us do not agree with.  By applying what FDR said to today, it is clear our country is ripe for “hope & change”.  That said, I think we all should take that as a warning, and make sure this does not happen.  Out of desperation, we should cannot grasp at “hope”.


It is with a heavy heart, I watch this country and its greatness, fall short of what might have been.  The main “hope” should have been, to give voice to the people.


As FDR said,

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


The democratic party has been through things like this before.  I am sure it will prevail, in a different sense of the word.  The party that will emerge, hopefully will be better than what we have now.   Our job now, as Americans, is to ensure what is best for this great country.  The time has come for us, to pull together to accomplish a common goal.  This goal is to ensure that the leader of the free world, is the best person for that job.


Obama is not that person, clearly John McCain is our only hope now for a safe future.  Some will say he will lead us to war, but think of it this way, what would have happened if Obama had been president on December 7, 1941?  Would his message of hope and change help us at all? 


Granted, our long term goal is take back the party we all loved.  The party of Roosevelt, and Kennedy.  But now with only a few weeks left until November, we must work as hard for McCain as we did Hillary.  This will ensure our future for the next four years, and then we can begin to rid this party, of the rats they have become……..




When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Denver Group

Where do we go now?

I cannot begin to tell you what a agonizing decision, this was for me personally.  I am sure not everyone will agree with me, but would like to give a explaination of this stand. This group and blog have always been about making sure the truth is told about Obama.  Thus, keeping him as far away from Pennsylvania ave as possible.   I think tonights speach at the convention, by Hillary, is the last horrah for our beloved party.  I see this as a by gone era, one that will only exist in our memories.  Many of the members are not democrats, they are independent or not affiliated.  But I have always stated I am a third generation democrat.  To this very day I am still registered as a democrat. 

This video was my goodbye to all those great leaders who have come before.  Today, is a sad day for me, and many others.  But we have all worked hard, for one goal, no obama.  Now, in order to achieve this goal, it must be done without Hillary.  So, we now have a choice, McCain or a third party.  I am sure many will choose the third party.  I honesty like the third party candidates, but know that in a race that is tied, dead even, that the only way to keep Obama out is t fight back with someone who can win. 

Third parties in the U.S. never do really well, just due to not having the means that the major two parties have.  I respect John McCain, and I trust him.  I cannot say the same for Obama.  I may not agree with everything he says or does, but he is the better of the choice between Obama and McCain.  Those are my personal thoughts, and may not be the same as my readers.  I understand that, and know that they must do what they think is best.  But I want everyone to know, that this is about all tribes, nations and all americans. Country frist, party second……..


WAM-Wake Up America Call to Action

We are honored  to announce this call to action, and
It is my hope that all will help in some way. We are partered with
PUMA, and JUST SAY NO DEAL TO DO THIS! The First Americans, should be the first included, and we were! Thanks to W.A.M. For including us in this history event!!!! Please everyone sign up, be the first to help!

Announcing W.A.M. Wake Up America! grass roots Movement
Our Motto is “DEMOCRACY – Use it OR Lose it!”

The mission of the Wake Up America Movement is to outreach, inform
and empower voters – on a local level – about how We the People can
influence reforms in our National leadership to resolve issues of
concern to most Americans. Through W.A.M. we can mobilize more
in true participatory democracy – in place of the stymied state of
self serving party politics in our National government.

If Obama remains the DNC choice we will not advocate his candidacy.
Should the qualified candidacy of Hillary Clinton be Denver’s
Nominee, we will be ready- at the ground level where elections are
won – to ensure her success. Either way W.A.M. will provide access to
information that helps voters to know what their own Congressional
representatives have – and have not- been up to! W.A.M. volunteerism
will outreach and expand via privately hosted events, called Wake Up
America TEA PARTIES for voters within a Congressional District.


NEEDED IMMEDIATELY: Native Americans Against Obama & UNA volunteers & friends of NAAO & UNA.
to participate in State Core Committees and Host our very first
National Tea Parties

JOIN W.A.M. in showing the DNC and our elected officials that
American voters will no longer tolerate corrupt party politics nor
unqualified leadership. Together, through W.A.M. PUMA’s will get on
the ground, spread the truth and tell our parties and our
officials, HERE’S THE NEW DEAL:

Democracy requires responsible and responsive leadership that will
represent the Will of the People!

Each Tea Party will invite pre-screened guests from within a given
district- no event address will be made public.

W.A.M. Core volunteers will share who and what we do and do not
endorse – and why; how every voter can contribute a positive impact
on this November’s election choices. Each event will be 1.5 hr.and be
supported by National W.A.M. fact sheets. W.A.M. can outreach to
disaffected Democrats, dissatisfied Republicans and Independents
interested in honest, intelligent information.

PLUS each Tea Party will be a great way to network within your

NAAO & UNA IS BEING GIVEN first option of W.A.M. Core leadership.
Please reply NOW to be part of your State W.A.M. Core and/or to host
our very first round of Tea Parties!

These 2 start-up dates need to fill quickly. Only these 2 start-up
rounds of Tea Parties will include a speaker-phone Conference Call
with National W.A.M. Core members, including our own Darragh Murphy,&
Debi McLeod Of Native Americans Against Obama.

Send your reply directly to Native Americans Against Obama Now: at

ONLY send the information below.
Please understand that W.A.M. is a purely volunteer movement and is
not yet set up to reply to individual inquiries or added comments.
W.A.M. website will open soon. Your group has been given this pre-
public announcement and invitation.
Just fill in this vital information and return ONLY this portion of
email to Native Americans Against Obama for forward to W.A.M. –

_______ Yes I want to be part of my home state’s W.A.M. Core group

_______ Yes I want to host a Tea Party on Thursday August 28 OR
Tuesday September 2. (All TPs are evening events. Details to follow.)
______ Indicate which of 2 dates above you will host your event.
Information Needed:Your Name _____________ Your home address
__________________ State _____
Zip Code ________District*_________ Phone contact #
__________________ (indicate land line _____ or cell ______. Prefer
land if you have one.)

Important to include*: If you don’t know your district, just go to
this link and input your zip code to get your district:

You will receive follow-up contact from W.A.M. ASAP – as replies are
Note: August 28 TEA PARTIES will be held the night of the Denver
Nomination speech. This is a great way to share that night with
fellow PUMAs. If Hillary is the Nominee, Tea Party will share this
excitement – and hear her speech together. If it’s obama, we will
have a more positive group focus and will leave off the TV!
THANK YOU FOR JOINING NAAO in helping to launch this new step of
grass-roots democracy in action!

I would ike to begin by saying a am and always have been a democrat.  I also have always been what I would consider a pro-choice liberal.  But This vote and this canidate are so far left, even I cannot aprove of Obama.  The Born Alvie Protection Act that Obama voted for, is nothing short of legal murder.  The very idea of not providing medial attention to aborted babies, is beyond cruel. 

I must admit before reasearching for this video, I knew very little about this subject. But the truth are shocking, about 10 to 20% of late term abortions in one hospital alone, are born alive.  Thankfull, one of the few things George Bush did right, was to sign a bill to protect these babies into law.  I cannot say the same thing about Obama.

Obama opposed this bill in the Ill. state senate, and agrured 2 times on the senate floor, to not pass this bill which would provide medial care for babies born alive.  His agurement was that it would harm the Roe vs Wade case.  There can be nothing further from the truth, this bill was not about abortion in and of itself.  It was about providing medical care, if a baby survived a abortion.

Obama went on to say after all this was over, and Bush signed this into law, that he would have voted for the bill, had it read like the same bill Bush signed.   This is another mistatement and non-truth, because the last bill Obama voted on was exactly the same, as the one Bush signed.  This was a lie, to pander to the pro-life people.  Here is a link to the audio of him speaking in regard to this bill…

What eveyone needs to know is that, the truth is Obama voted to allow these babies to die, in a way not fit for a animal, let alone a human being.  So, what do you really think he will do for you?












It is with deepest regrets that I write this blog today.  Never have been as sad, as the news I have just read about.  Over the centuries, our people have been used, pandered, lied to and almost eliminated.  So, for those who have fallen into the trap of lies told by Obama, I am sad.  How many more broken promises, will our young people have to hear?  Before they see they the truth.


Before I go any further below is the news:



DENVER – Colorado’s first residents will offer the first official welcome to the Democratic National Convention in Denver Aug. 23, when Southern Ute, Ute Mountain Ute and Northern Ute tribal leaders and other Indian notables in full regalia will lead the pageantry of a grand entry before officials address some 13,000 media representatives.”It’s the right thing to do, since they were the first people in the state of Colorado,” said Holly Arnold Kinney, co-chair of the entertainment committee for the media event at Elitch Gardens near the Pepsi Center. The Ute Mountain and Southern Ute tribes are the only sovereign nations currently in Colorado, once considered home by the Northern Utes and many other tribes.

Ernest House Jr., Ute Mountain Ute and executive secretary of the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, said speakers will include tribal chairmen Clement Frost, Southern Ute, and Ernest House Sr., Ute Mountain Ute and a representative of the Northern Ute Tribe, Utah; Colorado Lt. Gov. Barbara O’Brien, CCIA chair; and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

The grand entry will include the tribal officials, Denver area community leaders, the posting of the colors by veterans’ groups, and singing by various drum groups in a dramatic display that will be ”the first time a lot of them will have seen it,” said Arnold Kinney of the media event.

In addition to grand entry, the official welcome in August will include performances by Denver-area drum and dance groups, including the Northern and Southern Plains Indian Dancers and Singers and other groups, said Deb Sankey, co-chair for Native planning for the event.

The Native presence at the media event will be followed by Tribal Unity Day on Aug. 24, when a Denver Indian Center-sponsored pow wow will be hosted across from the Denver City and County Building from 2 to 6 p.m. in Civic Center Park, the heart of many key public events at the DNC.

In addition to vendor and arts and crafts booths, buffalo cuisine will be sold at the pow wow. The meat will be supplied by the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of South Dakota, said Jay Grimm, DIC director.

A painting, ”The Grand Entry,” by Sisseton-Wahpeton artist JoAnne Bird, will be featured on a commemorative poster for the DNC, said Kim Cameron, co-planner of Tribal Unity Day events. Local artists will also be showcased.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is expected to attend one or more Native events, but planners said any of the presumptive presidential candidate’s appearances would be scheduled later.

Other events are planned for the DNC by various Native groups in metro Denver, including:

” Public reception and other events at Denver Indian Center, with announcements posted at

” Various private events for tribal leaders and DNC delegates, including Native Gathering 2008 from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 24 at the Colorado State Historical Society, presented by the Procurement Learning for American Indian Nations and Societies, a nonprofit program for Indian- or tribally owned businesses. Bill Tallbull, Northern/Southern Cheyenne and PLAINS procurement specialist, said speakers invited to the event for top business and tribal leaders include Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and Hickenlooper.

” Native caucuses Aug. 25 and 27 at the Pepsi Center and Convention Center.

” A screening Aug. 27 of the independent documentary, ”The Battle for Whiteclay,” by Mark Vasina, for the Indian community of Denver. The film covers an eight-year period of controversy over alcohol sales in Whiteclay, Neb., to residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, just over the state line in South Dakota, where alcoholism is described as a major

social problem.

” Native Nations Uniting for Change is hosting a policy discussion and reception for tribal leaders and others from 2 to 7 p.m. Aug. 27 at the Denver Art Museum. Joe Garcia, president of the National Congress of American Indians, is a scheduled speaker.

In addition to the media, delegates, convention officials and others, hundreds of Native attendees are expected from across the country, including those from state and tribal groups and Indian organizations. Some of the 20,000-plus residents of the Indian community in the Denver metro area will attend convention-related events.

Some metro Denver organizations may be tapped for roles in the convention itself. Denver Indian Health and Family Services, which has been requested to help with medical backup for other events, said they had been contacted some time ago, but no follow-up has taken place.

Other meetings may be held at the downtown Colorado Convention Center by Native delegations, where sessions are already scheduled for black, Asian and Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic groups, among others.



The part that really saddens me is the fact that I know, that all this is for show.  To make everyone think, Obama is a great man, just because he allows the grand entry to happen at the convention.  I find it a large insult to all native peoples, to be pandered and used in such a way.  It is pure propaganda, in the truest sense of the word.   And many members of the Nations are falling for Obama’s lies.  Below is the definition of propaganda.


Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.

This grand entry,  I am sure by Obama and the DNC is only a way to use our people more. It is for his own benefit, not ours.  Some may see it as a symbol, to the world that Obama likes Native Americans, but I must say, please look at his record!  Nothing could be further from the truth. I would like to reach out to all, who will listen.  Do not believe this propaganda, and do not yourselves be used in such a way. 

Below are the words of Red Cloud, they still ring true today..

Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta) April, 1870“In 1868, men came out and brought papers. We could not read them and they
did not tell us truly what was in them. We thought the treaty was to remove
the forts and for us to cease from fighting. But they wanted to send us
traders on the Missouri, but we wanted traders where we were. When I
reached Washington, the Great Father explained to me that the interpreters
had deceived me. All I want is right and just.”


Taking advantage of Americans, by using Native Americans in just wrong.  It was done to Red Cloud and his people, and now is being done to all nations and tribes. And that is what this propaganda is, please ask yourselves, haven’t we been deceived enough?

 I have one message for Mr. Obama and the DNC…..

This is one Indian you will not fool….

Brother Knows Best….Definitely Not…….

It appears one of Obama’s long lost brothers has been found.  This appears to be one of many, siblings of the Illinois Senator.  His father Obama Senior was a busy man, between the years of drinking and womanizing, left little time for anyone else.  The perception that Obama comes from a father knows best lifestyle, could not be further from the truth.


Not that any of that makes any difference, because it does not.  I think we will see lots more family members in the future, come out from hiding to say they are “related to Obama”.  For Me, this is a matter of trust, and how can you trust someone who does not even care about his own family.  It is clear, that Obama always has said whatever anyone wants to hear, just to get a vote.  But today, we hear the truth from a family member.


Nick Pisa of the UK’s The Telegraph reports today that the Italian Vanity Fair has located 26-year old George Hussein Onyango Obama, living in a “two metre by three metre shack” in a “ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.”


No-one knows who I am,” he told the magazine, before claiming: “I live here on less than a dollar a month.” […]

Vanity Fair also noted that he had a front page newspaper picture of his famous brother – born of the same father as him, Barack Hussein Obama, but to a different mother, named only as Jael.

He told the magazine: “I live like a recluse, no-one knows I exist.”

Embarrassed by his penury, he said that he does not mention his famous half-brother in conversation.

“If anyone says something about my surname, I say we are not related. I am ashamed,” he said. […]

He has only met his famous older brother twice – once when he was just five and the last time in 2006 when Senator Obama was on a tour of East Africa and visited Nairobi.

The Illinois senator mentions his brother in his autobiography, describing him in just one passing paragraph as a “beautiful boy with a rounded head”.

Of their second meeting, George Obama said: “It was very brief, we spoke for just a few minutes. It was like meeting a complete stranger

 The piont I would like to make, is if he allows his own blood brother to live in poverty, then why should any of us think he cares about us?  Think Before you vote…..

The Time Has Come…

It is not often I feature a video that does not have to do with Native American issues.  However, this video is different.  Because in a way it does pertain to Native Americans and all Americans.  I first must say I commend Rev. Mannings courage , and the courage of any people of color who stand up for what they believe in.  Slavery was wrong, I am in total agreement with that.  But to attempt to repay anyone for past wrongs, is just that wrong.  So, I do agree with Rev. Manning, our video ” how much” deals with the same issue.


I also think that Rev. Manning is correct and we all need to boycott these companys.  We have such a short period of time left until this election, we all must work harder to reach our goal.   The time has come to stand up and fight for our nations, our tribes and all of American.  We must return this country, to the party of FDR and his principals.  Beware, he comes like a thief in the night.  Only this time the thief is here to steal our homelands, customs and way of life.  Not just for Native Americans, but for all Americans…

I have agreed along with a rep, from the afrcian american and hispanic community to be on ed hales radio show on Monday night at 6  to 8 pm monday night the 18th, this is mountain time.  For any of you who would like to listen, here is the link.  Please call in and talk to us!! or

The Mask Behind The DNC…

For months now, we all have been wondering what happened to our party.  The anwser is hiden, lurking in the shawdows.  Like the ghosts of our ancestors sweeping throught the night.  I have to first say I am a third generation Democrat.  Both my father and grandfather were Democrats.  My grandmothers could not vote, as they were Cherokee and not allowed to vote.

The sad truth is that what has happened to our party was a calcuated way to mask the truth. This reminds me of the Native & African american dancers who wore the masks to dance.  Only this is much more sinister and much more deceptive.    This cuts to the very core of the Democratic party itself. Let us begin our journey with Rev. Wright.  I am sure you are thinking, thats old news and has nothing to do with what is happening today.  But the truth is, is has more to do with today than we all know.

Howard Dean appionted Leah Daughtry to be the Chief of Staff & gave her the job of planning the Democratic Convention,  So who is this lady?  A quick google search tells alot.  She is a minsiter of a small church in New York, a church baised on the very same beliefs as Rev. Wright, that is the black theology. 

The woman commissioned by the Democratic Party to direct its presidential nominating convention in two weeks espouses the same black liberation theology pursued by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose church presumptive nominee Barack Obama was forced to leave because of its controversies.

Those included Wright’s condemnation of America and a vicious attack on Hillary Clinton from the pulpit, and WND reported when, finally, the Obama campaign announced the candidate resigned his 20-year membership in the church.

Now a profile in the New York Times reveals Rev. Leah Daughtry, a Pentecostal minister who leads a congregation of 20 in Washington, embraces “black liberation theology” beliefs such as the “debt” the U.S. “owes” all blacks for slavery.

The Times describes the congregation in which Daughtry was raised the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., where generations of family members, including her father Herbert Daughtry, have preached for decades: “Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, ‘They Owe Us.’ Fliers recounted Herbert Daughtry’s arrest, a few weeks earlier, as he led marchers protesting the not-guilty verdict in the police killing of Sean Bell, an unarmed black man. His ministry has always combined consuming spirituality with black liberation theology – the theology Jeremiah Wright invoked this spring to defend his controversial sermons – and zealous political activism. Leah holds these forces within her.”

So it is clear, the person pulling the strings hides behind a mask, one that is clearly meant to pull the woll over our eyes, in such a way that we do not know until its to late.  The division in the part did not come about beacuse of PUMA, it came from within the party itself.  We must remember that Dean appionted her, so therefore this is a division within the core of the party.  We have been accused many times of being Republicans, when the truth is, that Ms. Daughtry holds beliefs that are more closely alined with Republicans than PUMA does.

I am ashamed to admit that this woman, is a pentacostal,  I was rasied in this religion, without the hate.  No hate or racism exsited within my church.  But I do understand the train of thought, and the values.  This religion is anti-gay, anti-abortion and holds more in common with George Bush than they do any liberal.  There is nothing libral about this belief system.  This mask they are hiding is that they, not us PUMA’s are more in line with the far religous right.  These are the people controlling the party, and it explains why the DNC appionted Obama.  The party we once knew is gone, exsisiting only in our memories. 

The best way to fight this kind of infilltraion is to vote, get rid of every member who has anything to do with the DNC or the party itself.  From the bottom up, if we are to save the party of FDR.  They are Democrats in name only, hiding and accusing us of the very thing they themselves are doing.  The Democratic party has become the Black Theology Party. This explains the removal of Hillary and Obama being selected, she did not fit well with these beliefs.  It has been done under our own noses, as we were not paying attention…..

The plight of the Cherokee is a sad tale.  However, the similarities between the removal of the Cherokee and the Democratic National Convention weigh heavy on my heart.  Below is a example of one soldiers story of the removal in 1838.

“I saw the helpless Cherokees arrested and dragged from their homes, and driven at the bayonet point into the stockades. And in the chill of a drizzling rain on an October morning I saw them loaded like cattle or sheep into six hundred and forty-five wagons and started toward the west….On the morning of November the 17th we encountered a terrific sleet and snow storm with freezing temperatures and from that day until we reached the end of the fateful journey on March the 26th 1839, the sufferings of the Cherokees were awful. The trail of the exiles was a trail of death. They had to sleep in the wagons and on the ground without fire. And I have known as many as twenty-two of them to die in one night of pneumonia due to ill treatment, cold and exposure…”

        Private John G. Burnett, Captain Abraham McClellan’s Company, 2nd Regiment,   Brigade,                                         Mounted Infantry, Cherokee Indian Removal, 1838-39
 The wagons and stockades, for the Cherokee are no different than the Protest cages, the city of Denver has planned for the protestors at the Democratic Convention.  Some protesters arrested at the Democratic National Convention could be jailed in a city- owned warehouse, complete with metal cages and barbed wire.  . The newly created lockup, in a warehouse northeast of Denver, contains dozens of metal cages made of chain-link fence material, topped by rolls of barbed wire.  Each of these fenced-in areas is about 15 feet by 15 feet, with a lock on the door. A sign on the wall reads “Warning, electric stun devices used in this facility.”  In Denver, the police will be there with full riot gear.  They will be armed with battons, mace and shields.  How is this any different than the banonets used against the Cherokee?

This is how you treat cattle, and how the Cherokee and many other tribes were treated.  Like we were animals, unable to feel or care.  Now, it seems the attack is on supporters of democracy, and freedom of speech.  If this is any indication of an Obama presidency, I fear for this country and this world.  I ask all those undecided, to look at the similarities, and ask you “Is Obama the right choice?”  Any presidential candidate and any party that would condone this kind of treatment to his fellow Americans is no American at all.

I have to believe that Freedom of speech is no longer allowed in this country.  Just ask any Cherokee, and they can tell you, your rights can be taken away in an instant.  This system looks like a “political prisoner camp”.  This has been done before; just ask any Cherokee or even Japanese American. 

Japanese American internment refers to the forcible relocation and internment of approximately 110,000 Japanese nationals and Japanese Americans to housing facilities called “War Relocation Camps”, in the wake of Imperial Japan‘s attack on Pearl Harbor.[1] [2] The internment of Japanese Americans was effected unequally throughout the United States. Japanese Americans residing on the West Coast of the United States were all interned, whereas in Hawaii, where over 150,000 Japanese Americans comprised nearly a third of that territory’s population, an additional 1,200[3] to 1,800 Japanese Americans were interned.[4] Of those interned, 62 percent were United States citizens.[5] [6]

Free speech is written into our constitution; however, there are times when it is suppressed.  Some of you may say, if the protestors don’t cause trouble they will not need the stockades.  But I must remind you, the Cherokee caused no trouble, and the Japanese Americans caused no trouble.  The new DNC will have things their way or else.  That is the sad reality, of the new Obama Democratic Party.  You see, the party we once knew, is lost, and a new one has emerged.  The Obama Democratic Party.

Below is a first hand account of the Nunna daul Isunyi—“the Trail Where They Cried”.


   Government soldiers rode before them, on each side

of them, & behind them.  The Cherokee man walked and looked straight ahead and would not look down nor at the soldiers.  Their women and their children followed in their footsteps and would not look at the soldiers.  Far behind them, empty wagons rattled and rumbled and served no use.       The wagons could not steal the soul of the Cherokee.  The land was stolen from him, his home taken away, but the Cherokee would not let the wagons steal is soul.  As they passed the village of the white man, people lined the trail to watch him pass.  At first they laughed at how foolish was the Cherokee to walk with empty wagons rattling behind him.  The Cherokee did not turn his head at their laughter and soon their was no laughter. 
     And as the Cherokee walked farther from his mountain home he begin to die, his soul did not die nor did it weaken.  It was the very young and the very old and the sick.  At first the soldiers let them stop to bury their dead, but more died-by the hundreds by the thousands……… more than a third of them to die on the trail.  The soldiers said they could only bury the dead every three days for the soldiers wished to hurry and be finished with the Cherokees. 
     The soldiers said the wagons would carry the dead but the Cherokees would not put his dead in the wagons he carried them.  Walking, the little boy carried his dead baby sister and slept by her at night on the ground.  He lifted her the in his arms the next morning and carried her.  The husband carried his dead wife.  The son carried his dead mother and his father.  The mother carried her dead baby.  They carried them in their arms and walked and they did not turn their heads to look at the soldiers nor look at the people who lined the trail to watch them pass. 

     Some of the people cried but the Cherokee did not cry not on the outside for the Cherokee would not let them see his soul as he would not ride in the wagons.  And so they called it the trail of tears for it sounds romantic and speaks of the sorrow of those who stood by the Trail.  A death march is not romantic you cannot write poetry about, the death stiffened baby in his mothers arms staring at the jolting sky with eyes that will not close while his mother walks.  You cannot sing songs of fathers laying down the burden of his wife’s corpse to lie by it through the night and to rise and carry it again the next morning.  And tell his oldest son to carry the body of the youngest.  And do not look, nor speak, nor cry, nor remember the mountains.  It would not be a beautiful song and so they call it Trail of Tears.



                                            Cherokee Rose

Nunna daul Isunyi (The Trail Where They Cried)




I have to say it is very hard to talk about the Freedman issue in a three minute video.  So Now, I will try to go into more details mostly for the benefit of the reader who is not familiar with this issue.  For those of you who are, please me forgive my repetitiveness.


First of all let me say I am not a racist.  I also think that slavery was wrong, there is no question about it.  Many people in this country were treated badly. The sad  reality of it was that some of the Cherokee owned slaves, just like there white neighbors. 


When the Cherokee were physically removed from their land, in 1838, they took with them their slaves.  More than 4,000 Cherokee died on this march from the south to Ok.  Once they survivors  arrived in their new land, they settled with the slaves.  But it would only be a few short years, and the Cherokee freed their slaves, just like the rest of America.


From that time forward, these African Americans would lived among the Cherokee were called freedman.   This passed down from generation to generation, and to this day descendants of the freed slaves are still called freedman.


First I would like to explain just how citizenship works. The United States government through its courts has held time and again that Indian tribes have the right to determine their own citizenship. Today Cherokee Nation’s citizenry is bound together by having in common at least one documented Indian ancestor, regardless of what other heritage they may have. Cherokee Nation citizenship is based upon family ties, not color.

By documented, one much provide proof that one of your ancestors names appears on the Dawes Rolls.  These rolls were recorded names, of the ones who were removed, and walked the Nunna daul Isunyi (The Trail Where They Cried).




But there were many freedman, because of a loop hole in the law, that were able to register as citizens, even though they did not have one ancestor appear on the rolls.  Once the problem was discovered, this issue was corrected and a vote taken. The vote passed by 77% allowing only persons with one ancestor on the roll citizenship.  Needless to say, the freedman who had registered as citizens by using the legal loophole, were no longer citizens. 


Needless to say, this caused a great division in opinion.  But, it is my feeling that the Cherokee are a sovereign nation and have every right to decide who can and cannot be a citizen.   This is  a issue that the courts must decide, then enter….


The Congressional Black Caucus. 

This is an organization representing the African American members of the Congress of the United States. Membership is exclusive to African Americans[1] and its chair in the 110th Congress is Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick of Michigan.


The Caucus describes its goals as “positively influencing the course of events pertinent to African-Americans and others of similar experience and situation,” and “achieving greater equity for persons of African descent in the design and content of domestic and international programs and services.”

Senator Obama and Rep. Watson are members of this organization.  Rep. Watson’s bill H.R.2824 key objective is to force the Cherokee Nation into giving citizenship to the freedman whose ancestors did not appear on the Dawes Rolls.  If this is not done the bill would stop funding to the Cherokee Nation. This would affect our health care, jobs and general economy.  Needless to say, many of the Cherokee are poor.  This can only make things worse than they already are.


Senator Obama, has stated he does not support this bill.  But because he is a member of The Caucus, and a presidential candidate, he would be a great influence on this issue.  It must be pointed out that Obama has almost always sided with the CBC.  (Congressional Black Caucus).   


But, this time he has he has stayed in away from the issue.  Making statements, but nothing more.   I am sure the reason for this, is due to the politics of the whole issue.  Remaining neutral, is less risky than standing up for what is right.


So, the end result of the Cherokee, is that they are today a very diverse tribe.  Because of the law, that any can be Cherokee, if they can trace an ancestor to the Dawes rolls, makes for people of all colors eligible.   But, I must say it does exlcude many.   Not just freedman, but many Americans whose ancestors “passed” or were marked “colored” on the census reports. 


The real number of Americans who may have had a ancestor that was a member of the five tribes, could possibly be many, many more than we will ever know.   We must remember, that not all were removed.  Many ran away, many lived on private land.  Some others “passed”.  However, if those descendants cannot trace an ancestor to the Dawes Rolls, they cannot be citizens.   This is no different than the freedman, and should be treated as the law of the Cherokee Nation is stated.

The Case against Obama appears to be growing with each passing day.  We all know there were some problems with his FAKE birth certificate that was posted on the web recently.  However, I have to admit that at first I was not all that convinced that anything would come of it.  But today in the Rocky Mountain News, it verified that Obama is and has been a citizen of Kenya and the United States since 1963. 


I have to say at first glance most of us; do not see that it is a problem.  But, it is, and the reasons are simpler than just the place of his birth.  There are two possibilities, one is that he was born in Kenya and became a citizen of the United States later.  This is not a real good thing if, he was born in 1961, and became a citizen of Untied States in 1963. 


The obvious reason, if the date is correct of his birth, then he would not have been a Natural Born Citizen, thus making him ineligible for President.  The other scenario is that he was born in Hawaii, and became a citizen of Kenya in 1963. However there are also problems with that.  See Kenya immigration law below.





(1) Subject to subsection (2), a person of full age and capacity, on making application to the minister in prescribed manner, may be registered as a citizen of Kenya if he has satisfies the Minister–

(a) that he is of African descent;

(b) that either–

 (i)  he was born and one of his parents was born, in a country to which this section applies; or

 (ii) he has been a resident for a period of not less than ten years in a country to which this section applies and he is not of an independent state on the continent of Africa ;

(c) that he is ordinarily resident in Kenya and has been so resident for a period of five years;

(d) that he has an adequate knowledge of the Swahili or the English language or such as the Minister may prescribe;

(e) that he is good character; and

(f) that he would be a suitable citizen of Kenya.


(2) A person shall not be registered as a citizen of Kenya under this section unless and until he has made a declaration in writing in the prescribed form of his willingness to renounce any other nationality or citizenship he may posses and to take an oath of allegiance in the form specified in the First schedule.


(3) The Minister may , by order in the Gazette, made with the prior approval signified by resolution of the National Assembly, declare any countries to be countries  to which this section applies.






(1) The Minister may cause the minor child of any citizen of Kenya upon application made in the prescribed manner by a parent or guardian of the child.

(2) The Minister may, in such a special circumstances as he thinks fit, for any minor to be registered as a citizen of Kenya.


As you can see from the above law, Obama parents would have had to renounce his U.S. citizenship if he was to be a citizen of Kenya.  This also makes him ineligible to be president.   So, duel citizenship posts a real problem for Obama.  I am almost sure the DNC knew this, and have done their very best to cover it up.   This explains the appointment, and almost messianic perception they have all tried to show the public. This also explains the problem with the birth certificate, if he was born in Hawaii, then gave up his citizenship; he is not eligible to be president.  Or if he was born in Kenya, he is not eligable because he was not born in the U.S.


It clearly is a no win situation, so that is why no real birth certificate has surfaced.  Honestly it does not matter; the mere fact alone, of the duel citizenship creates a problem.  I ask all of you to research this your self; contact all media outlets and your lawmakers in your district.   This entire campaign has been a way to pull the wool over all of our eyes.  It’s no different than trading 10 beads for the black hills!  We must not let the Obama machine take advantage of all tribes and nations.  This is about all of us, all 500 tribes, and all Americans…….




Native Americans against Obama


There are words to express all the wrongs that have been done to Native Americans, over the long and sad history, of our people.   However, it is not my belief that money will take the place of what we have lost.   We have done as much as we can to move on, and build new and dfferent lives.  Todays world is not the same as my grandmothers, or her grandmothers.  The world today revolves around montary rewards.  We get paid for everything, our work, our homes and even our stories.  But, what is important to me, is the preservation of our cultures, langauges, and histories.  We must learn from the past, let it teach us to be better fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.  That does not mean I believe we should let others take advantage of us.

It would be a dishonor for our past ancestors to take money for thier suffering.  We must honor thier memory, by learning from the past.  Obama stated that he would support Native Americans, and African Americans should be paid for the wrongs done to them.  I cannot speak for African Americans, but this indian wants no part of it.  It is no more todays white americans fault what his ancestor did, than it is mine what any raiding party did.  The idea that we be paid money, piggy backed by the American Taxpayer is to terrible to imagine.

It would cost billions, and divide this country to the very core.   We must as a people move on, learning each day from the ancestors.  All the while doing our best, to prevent any future divisions.  This idea would only promote Hate, just like Rev. Wright spews from his pulpit.  The best thing Obama could do for us, is to sponcer our bills, show up to vote, and make a stand on Native Issues, instead of just “speaking words”.

I cannot speak for the decendants of slaves, but I can speak as a decendant of surviors of the “Trail Of Tears”.  And no amount of money will repay my family for that.  I want none and expect none.  If we are to beleive anything Obama says, I hope this is one promise does not fullfill.  


Native Americans Against Obama